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Chasity Hill

Resort & Second-Home Specialist

Phone: 404-285-3274

Originally from St. George Island, I became a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker in 2005. Since I acquired my license, I have continually broken hurdles and pushed boundaries for residential and commercial real estate buyers, sellers, and investors to achieve their goals in a smooth and hassle-free process. My career is centered on my love for Florida, a strong passion for serving people, and the downright enjoyment of closing successful real estate sales. 

With a solid background in commercial and residential property development, I have a thorough understanding of the fundamental aspects of the commercial and residential real estate economy. This allows me to give builders sound advice to help them build properties that align with the emerging housing needs. Further, my expertise in home staging, design, renovation, landscaping, and home décor gives me an upper hand in helping my clients revitalize their living spaces and increase the value of their investment properties. 

Above all else, I value the relationships I build with my clients and, most importantly, the trust and confidence people place in me to help them achieve their dreams. Contact me today for expert guidance and professional service in every transaction.